Our Story

With over 122 years of American textile manufacturing heritage and exquisite craftmanship, Thomaston Mills has created American Luxury for discerning upscale hotels. Crafted from only the finest domestic cottons, American Luxury is simply the most sustainable, locally sourced luxury line available. Unlike most European luxury brands, who produce their goods in Asia with opaque, carbon-intensive supply chains, our products are made exclusively from fine cotton grown here in the USA. For today’s luxury hoteliers concerned with sourcing locally and responsibly curating guest experiences, there is simply no better option on the market than American Luxury by Thomaston Mills.

Thomaston Mills Manufacturing Building located in Thomaston Georgia


Our Commitment

From our American cotton fields to you, we promise to keep elevating and keep our customers at the heart of our company. We stand for excellence as we weave each product with passion, artistry and refined detail.

American cotton field.

Thomaston Mills History of American Made linens.

Origin, Breeze, Magnolia and Linen Thomaston Mills Luxury Hotel Linens

Robert Zaslow President/CEO Thomaston Mills

Robert Zaslow, President/CEO

Robert has served in this capacity since the Zaslow family’s acquisition of the company in 2001.  He previously served as President of Augusta Mills.  He has led Thomaston Mills through turbulent times in the U.S. textile industry when most other American textile manufacturers either shuttered their facilities and sent production offshore, or went out of business entirely. His vision is for the 21st century is for a thriving textile manufacturing industry in the U.S.A.  The American Luxury division of Thomaston Mills reasserts Thomaston’s leadership in serving the hospitality industry with American-made luxury.  Robert holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Wendy Jeffcoat Vice President American Luxury Sales

Wendy Jeffcoat, Vice President Luxury Sales 

Wendy brings over 20 years of hospitality experience to her role at American Luxury. She has built a reputation for dynamic, attention to fine detail experiences that delight the senses and evoke the true meaning of luxury. An innovative and passionate leader, Wendy is customer-centric and has an eye for style. Prior to American Luxury, she has worked as a Senior Interior Designer for CallisonRTKL and Gensler, as well as the Regional Luxury Manager for American Hotel Register Company. Her customers are among the world’s leading cruise ships, luxury brands and luxury hoteliers. She champions collaboration and sets her goal as leading clients to capture the essence of their brand through discovery and focus on embracing bold solutions by always thinking outside the box. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Marketing from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute.